Safecut Aero 405

SAFECUT AERO 405 is a special micro-emulsion, free from formaldehyde and boron, developed for difficult machining operations on all metals where surface finish is important.
The product is very suitable for milling, turning, sawing and drilling.
SAFECUT AERO 405 has been specially developed to meet the specifications of AEROSPACE ASN 42.302. It is therefore perfect for operations of aluminum types such as 7175, 7075, 2024,. . . With its property of good resistance to higher pressures, SAFECUT AERO 405 is also very suitable for machining on steel and alloys.


  • Good cooling capacity
  • Protects metal pieces against corrosion
  • Can be used for very different machining applications of metal
  • Very low foaming
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, or formaldehyde releasing agent
  • Boron free

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Technical data sheet

Consult the technical data sheet for specifications and norms (PDF)

Available in the following packaging:

5L 5L 20L metaal 20L 60L metaal 60L 210L metaal 210L 1000L IBC 1000L
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