Refined lubricants for defined results!

Unil Lubricants is a lubricant specialist. Your machines need to run smoothly and it is our job to advise you on all possible applications and the various circumstances in which your equipment is used. Unil Lubricants produces more than 500 different types of oils and greases. Within this wide range of lubricants, we can offer you optimum lubrication for every application! We guarantee the consistent quality of our products and continuous technical innovation.

Experience and flexibility

Unil Lubricants has been helping its customers since 1903, searching for answers to the questions and demands of today, while looking to the future. A stable partner with a focus on commitment, service and flexibility.
At the request of its customers, Unil Lubricants develops and manufactures specialty lubricants to customer specifications; the result of a joint quest for a solution to exceptional lubrication problems.
Our unique range of services for optimal management of all your machinery and your fluids make Unil Lubricants a strong and dependable partner. We can collaborate on producing lubrication plans, rationalizing your lubricant needs, oil analysis, training, technical assistance, proactive fluid management and warranty contracts.

High-performance laboratory

The Alpha Maintenance Systems laboratory is at the service of Unil Lubricants customers as well as working for third parties. Alpha Maintenance Systems is part of the WearCheck International Group. This means you can rely on extensive international experience in the field of oil, fuel, grease and anti-freeze analysis.
Our team of experts guarantees you a detailed report on the tests you requested within 24 hours. Regular oil analyses will give you a complete understanding of the 'health' of your lubricants and your equipment: an important weapon in your maintenance strategy!

Convenient and environmentally friendly

Lubrication is a specialist field. With the right material, it can be done in a jiffy. Simple, safe and comfortable. Unil Lubricants supplies a wide range of materials to simplify the ordering, storage and use of lubricants in your workshop or business. In choosing all our lubricators, tanks and box containers, grease pumps, filtration and measuring equipment, we have safety, comfort and environmental friendliness as our main priorities.
Through its materials, Unil Lubricants provides you with a number of solutions for organizing your work and your space efficiently. Together with you and your staff, we will examine what your needs are and what Unil Lubricants can improve.


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