Thanks to the expansion of our foam extinguishing system, Unil Lubricants has been nominated in the "prevention advisors" category for the Fireforum Awards on 19 November.

The aim of a light foam system is to completely fill the area to be extinguished within a preset time (max. 3 minutes). This cuts off the oxygen supply to the seat of the fire,thus extinguishing it. This installation was designed and built according to the NFPA11 norm.

Fireforum Awards wants to reward people or organisations for their services in one or other area in the world of fire fighting. The awards are presented by Fireforum vzw, a non-profit organisation set up in 2009 by Agoria vzw, PFPA vzw, BVV (Fire Service Association Flanders) and FRCSPB/afg (Fire Service Association Wallonia) with the aim of improving fire safety efficiency for people and goods.


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