Guaranteed quality, safety and environmental respect

Unil Lubricants attaches the greatest importance to quality, safety and the environment. In order to add bite to these objectives, over and beyond an annual external audit, internal audits are organised on a regular basis to meet the strict ISO standards.

In 1994, Unil Lubricants obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. This standard requires a standardized quality policy, which all employees within the company are familiar with. Our business processes are aligned in such a way that we always meet the strict requirements and wishes of our customers.

In 2001, Unil Lubricants was certified to the ISO 14001 standard. With the help of a comprehensive environmental management system, environmental risks are managed and limited. Unil Lubricants insists on going further than mere enforcement of environmental legislation. In our laboratory, work continues on finding efficient and environmentally-sound solutions.

In Mai 2018, Unil Lubricants came through the re-certification process with flying colours.



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