Firex 46

FIREX 46 is a water-glycol based fluid strongly recommended for all hydraulic units operating near heat sources or highly inflammable materials, in particular where there is a risk of accidental leakage of pressurised hydraulic fluid. 

FIREX 46 satisfies safety requirements for the mining, steel, metalworking, plastics, and glass industries, for industrial furnace doors and pressurised molten metal moulding presses.


  • Has very high igntition resistance and does not propagate flame.
  • Is shearproof, its viscosity index preserving its properties throughout its service life.
  • Anti foam.
  • Fast air release.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

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Technical data sheet

Consult the technical data sheet for specifications and norms (PDF)

Available in the following packaging:

5L 5L 20L metaal 20L 60L metaal 60L 210L metaal 210L 1000L IBC 1000L
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