Visc.: 150, 220

ESCA Gear PG is a poly(oxy)propylene-based product designed primairily for applications involving worm gears in the food- and feed industry. The ESCA GEAR PG features a high viscosity index, low pour point, clean burn properties that esure a sludge-free operation over a wide range of temperatures, is water insoluble and can be used in a vast range of applications.


  • High load bearing properties support application in worm gears.
  • Good heat transfer behavior.
  • In the case of very high temperatures ESCA Gear PG does not leave black carbon or sticky residues: The  decomposition products are volatile or are solubilized into the liquid.
  • Increased oxidative ability.
  • Extends equipment life. 

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Technical data sheet

Consult the technical data sheet for specifications and norms (PDF)

Available in the following packaging:

20L plastic 20L 210L metaal 210L
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