Metal processing with soft water

The authorities are increasingly urging businesses to collect rainwater and re-use it for sanitary facilities, maintenance work, as a buffer, etc. Surplus buffer water can, however, also offer economically attractive options. We have accordingly succeeded in developing a new metal processing fluid that mixes perfectly with rainwater without extra foaming. Safecut 209 NT SX ensures less wastage so is also good for the environment.

In 2013 the Flemish authorities introduced a regulation that made the collection of rainwater compulsory for new builds by both private individuals and companies (depending on the surface area of the new construction). The regulation also includes the obligation to install a soakaway to separate rainwater and sewerage. Also included are the minimum dimensioning criteria to be met by soakaways and infiltration and buffer provisions. Provincial and local planning regulations can also make additional requirements on top of regional regulations. Furthermore, the fire services at many local authorities are advising collecting buffer water that can be used in an emergency.

For ecological and economic reasons, many metalworking companies would also like to use their surplus buffer water for mixing metalworking emulsions. Rainwater is, however, very soft water (0 to 1° German hardness), while ordinary drinking water has 8 to 20° German hardness. During the manufacture of emulsion with rainwater, problems invariably occurred with excessive foaming. However, Unil Lubricants has succeeded in developing a new metalworking emulsion that is perfect for use by mixing with rainwater. The brand-new product Safecut E209NT SX has been provided with a unique mix of anti-foam additives. So this product guarantees perfect metal processing with any water hardness. This emulsion is suitable for processing all metals with the exception of cast iron.

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