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Opaljet Longlife DEX 1.2 FE 5W30

The high performance engine oil or the newest generation of engines requiring Dexos 1 gen 2 engine oils.

OPALJET LONGLIFE DEX 1.2 FE is a specially formulated synthetic engine oil, suitable for gasoline engines in passenger cars, which prescribe an oil with the specification GM dexos 1 Gen 2.


  • Fuel economy.
  • A high and very stable viscosity index.
  • A great resistance to ”shearing”.
  • A smooth cold start.
  • A very high resistance to oxidation.
  • A safe lubricating film at very high operating temperatures.
  • A very good detergent and dispersing effect.
  • A very strong anti-wear, anticorrosion and anti-foam ability.

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Technical data sheet

Consult the technical data sheet for specifications and norms (PDF)

Available in the following packaging:

1L 1L 5L Axe 5L 20L metaal 20L 60L metaal 60L 210L metaal 210L 1000L IBC 1000L
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