Costs evaporate with form oils

A classic emulsion bath is often still used for the forming and punching of sheet material. However, you can save a lot of time and money when machining aluminium, copper, zinc or steel sheets (whether or not galvanized) by using an evaporable liquid for folding, deep drawing, cutting, shaping, sawing or threading. Unil has developed a range of FORM oils especially for this purpose. 

Safe evaporation.
The low viscosity of FORM evaporation oils allows them to be easily applied directly to the parts to be machined by atomisation, by felt or roll or by drop lubrication. The drying extract used in the formulation leaves a film that is invisible to the eye and provides lasting protection against corrosion. The FORM deformation oils contain only chlorine-free and non-toxic solvents so that there is no danger or odour nuisance for the operator during evaporation.

Saves up to 40% in time and costs
When using evaporable liquids, there is no need to degrease the pieces. In addition, the purity remains guaranteed even after treatment. There is no risk of dust from the workshop adhering to the stored parts. This in itself results in an enormous time saving. 

Furthermore, FORM oils do not have the disadvantages that can occur when using water-based products. Due to the absence of water, there is no risk of corrosion or contamination due to the presence of microorganisms. Because only the central supply of the lubricants needs to be supplemented, the complex monitoring of emulsion baths is also a thing of the past. In this way, up to 40% can be saved on the consumption of the lubricant.

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