Fuel economy due to low viscosity
OEMs are adapting their lubricant requirements ever more rapidly so as to be able to meet the needs of green and fuel-saving alternatives. Thanks to the introduction of the ACEA C5 standard, there will be increasing requirements for low-viscosity engine oils...

Fuel economy and LSPI protection
Petrol engines with TDI technology (direct injection) offer improved fuel efficiency compared to other designs. Due to the specific design and being fitted with a turbo, a small TDI engine...

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Product launch

The high performance engine oil or the newest generation of engines requiring Dexos 1 gen 2 engine oils.

OPALJET LONGLIFE DEX 1.2 FE is a specially formulated synthetic engine oil, suitable for gasoline engines in passenger cars, which prescribe an oil with the specification GM dexos 1 Gen 2.

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The authorities are increasingly urging businesses to collect rainwater and re-use it for sanitary facilities, maintenance work, as a buffer, etc. Surplus buffer water can, however, also offer economically attractive options. We have accordingly succeeded in developing a new metal processing fluid that mixes perfectly with rainwater...


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Alpha Maintenance Systems

Unil Lubricants has its own extensive and performant laboratory. Alpha Maintenance Systems is an active member of the Wearcheck International Group, an international cooperation of oil anaylis laboratory, and treats about 50.000 samples each year. 

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